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Zoe Kratzmann


Zoe is passionate about creating desirable, unique goods... bringing a little bit of luxury to the everyday.

From an early age she was sewing clothes, painting and "making things". In high school Zoe would sew bikinis for her and her girlfriends, finger paint murals on her bedroom walls and make huge, crazy ear-rings out of paper clips! thankfully her creativity has evolved and her design focus is about creating pieces that are functional, beautiful and have longevity... from both a design aesthetic and quality point of view.

As a small, independent business, Zoe Kratzmann is committed to supporting other independent businesses like Katwalk Boutique.

She believes that "getting dressed" represents an opportunity to express yourself and in a small but significant way to do something for yourself... to feel good about yourself. Something we should all do every-day!

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Zoe Kratzmann - Survey Knit
Regular price$289.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Reflex Top
Regular price$259.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Import Dress
Regular price$329.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Gist Dress
Regular price$269.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Gaze Knit
Regular price$289.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Deposit Top
Regular price$229.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Breeze Pant
Regular price$269.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Agent Coat
Regular price$299.00
Zoe Kratzmann - Signify Pant
Regular price$229.00

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